Reflection Post

Technology for educators was a thoroughly enjoyable classroom experience.  I really enjoyed the flexibility and diverse selection  of assignments. This was one of the few courses where I can say emphasis was truly placed upon learning and improvement rather than letter grades and final scores.  The variety in classroom discussion and assignments kept me engaged and made the classroom dynamic interesting and interactive. One of the difficulties of this class was the fact that we were only able to meet once a week. A.  Meeting only once a week was difficult for me to retain information as well as recall instructions and expectations.  I felt my contributions to the class were honest and pertained to classroom discussion of the corresponding topics.  Out blog posts assignments was a great way to motivate people like myself who do not find interest in reading textbooks, to engage in the text in a different manner and really gain insight and valuable knowledge for future reference. I was astounded at how much knowledge I gained about copyright and the dos and dont’s when dealing with academic projects as well as personal use.  

The collaborative assignments were some what  frustrating for me because I feel I work best and to my full potential individually.  For me it is much more stressful to wait on classmates to complete assignments and to complete portions of others.  I work around fifty plus hours every week which is why I find it more difficult to collaborate with my classmates for group projects. There were a couple times my group wanted to meet and I could not because the times coincided with work.    The web-quest which I had been introduced to for the first time in this course was a very enjoyable project. The webquest is something I certainly want to take and put into practice in my future classroom.  I also enjoyed the Instructional wiki assignment it was similar to the webquest in my opinion but used for a different purpose.  I like that the wiki provided easy ways to communicate with others editing the wiki from the same place.  Most of all I enjoyed the teacher e-portfolio, although I was a little confused s to who the portfolio was supposed to be geared towards, I was able to be creative and I really made an effort to create something I could really use in the future.  I learned so much from this course. What I really like is that everything I learned I will actually be able to use now in my personal life and also as a future educator. 


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